Brookhaven Instruments Corporation

Brookhaven Instruments Corporation

development and quality control.

Brookhaven was acquired by Nova Instruments Corporation in 2010. Nova Instruments provides quality high-tech analytical instruments and measurement solutions for a broad range of scientific and industrial applications. Since being acquired, Brookhaven has not only grown in size, adding many new employees, including four PhD scientists, but has solidified its internal structure, further improving its manufacturing oversight and quality control methodology.

Firsts for Brookhaven Instruments

Brookhaven has constantly pursued innovation, adding the following instrumentation over the years to establish and then solidify its status as a global leader in the design, sale and maintenance of multi-angle DLS and SLS instruments:

  • Combining backscatter for protein and nanoparticle sizing, 90º for colloid sizing, and 15º for zeta potential, three angles in one instrument in the NanoBrook Omni in 2013.
  • Particle Solutions, an integrated software package for running DLS, SLS, ELS, & PALS in one instrument, in 2010; and
  • ParSEC, a full-featured Chromatography software package in 2009;
  • Small-volume, flow-through, fixed angle SLS instrument, the BI-MwA, for Size Exclusion Chromatography in 2002;
  • First instrument to combine four light scattering technologies in one instrument---DLS, ELS, SLS, and PALS--- for protein, nanoparticle and polymer characterization in 1998;
  • First backscatter DLS instrument commercially available for concentrates, the FOQELS in 1994;
  • First combined DLS instrument for sizing and ELS, electrophoretic light scattering for zeta potential in 1993;
  • The first single-board correlator in 1991, the BI-9000AT;
  • Zeta potential, the ZetaPlus, for the characterization of charge on colloids, proteins and nanoparticles in the 1990s, with Dr. Tscharnuter’s ground-breaking design of the first commercially available Phase Analysis Light Scattering instrument, the ZetaPALS;
  • Modern centrifuges, the BI-DCP and BI-XDC, for higher resolution particle sizing in the 1980s;

In an effort to showcase the variety of applications and industries it has serviced, Brookhaven recently launched a new citation and application library. The new library details just a few of the many published papers and documents where a Brookhaven instrument played a role in the research.

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